10 things your boyfriend should never wear

Guys, we love you, and it's really not to get me where they don't call me, but sometimes in terms of fashion, you should let us advise you a little more.

10 things a man should never wear

I am very sorry that you have to carry all your belongings in your pockets, but carrying a bag is not an option. There is still something to invent, you look where!

Flip flops
There are only two places in the world where a man can wear flip flops, to go to the beach or to shower at the gym. (My office colleagues are going to look at me badly….)

Short sleeve shirts
Sorry, it's something that I have not yet overcome.
Short-sleeved shirts are neither to dress you up nor to go casual, they are the middle ground of something undefined. If you want to be neat put on a long-sleeved shirt, if you want to go informal put on a polo shirt or a T-shirt….

I must say that I love sweatshirts, and I am not at all against you wearing them to go for a run or for an afternoon of informal walk that you do not want to think about, but every day you have to eat a little more head!

I have never seen a man, other than Johnny Deep, fit a necklace well. So if you are not the aforementioned guy, forget about them!

Wide dress suit
There is nothing sexier than seeing a well-groomed boy in his perfectly fitted suit. A loose suit will only bring you sore eyesight.

Fallen pants
Is there anything uglier than shapeless pants that seem to be fighting against the force of gravity, so that they stay in place? NOOOO

Okay, if there's one thing I really hate, it's vests. They are neither flattering, nor fashionable, nor should they ever have existed. Forget about them.

The subject of the rings is something quite complex ... because it is not a matter of better or worse, it is simply that, a man with rings? Seriously? Are you the Godfather? Pope?

Unless you are a tough country man, and you love chopping wood with your super ax, it is strictly forbidden to use overalls.

Do you use any of the above on a daily basis? Do you think you can wear something of the aforementioned and that it fits you well? To prove it !!!

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